Water Resource Engineering

At AME Consulting, we’re proud to offer a complete range of water resources solutions focused on all aspects of wastewater, drinking water, and stormwater.

Our clients can trust us to guide them through initial planning studies, alternative evaluations, innovative solutions, design, permitting requirements, bidding and through construction. As an added value, we assist municipal clients with securing low-interest loans and grants to help deliver the most cost-effective improvements possible.

For wastewater utilities we specialize in wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, sanitary sewers, rehabilitation methods, and all related components. Our focus is on delivering the best value for our clients and that means doing extra evaluations, understanding every goal, and presenting options in a collaborative approach to solving utility challenges.

For drinking water utilities, we are proud to tackle the toughest treatment challenges, elevated water tanks, fire flow improvements, watermain extensions, and related appurtenances. We develop community-wide models, asset management plan, capital improvements plans, and traditional engineering services.

Our stormwater services include stream restoration, channel relocation and flood control, stream crossing, open and closed storm drain design, erosion and sediment control, best management practices, floodplain studies, and related opportunities.

Oftentimes, we assist communities with combined sewer separation mandated projects and offer creative solutions that incorporate green infrastructure solutions with traditional approaches.
Our stormwater services also include FEMA/floodplain studies, GIS mapping, watershed and ecological assessments, water quality and aquatic resource analysis, and wetlands analysis, mitigation, restoration, and enhancement design.

Whether it’s in a rural or urban setting, every project has a unique set of challenges, and as consulting engineers, we collect data, evaluate options, and find the best overall solution. At AME Consulting, we have the experience to implement state-of-the-art technology to provide innovative solutions focused on sustainability and cost-effectiveness.