Grant Funding Assistance

Our team of grant and industry experts will help you create a funding solution package to meet your specific and unique needs and achieve your project goals.

At AME Consulting, we know the ins and outs of many local, state, and federal grant programs. We also understand that funding can be a critical component of making municipal projects happen. That’s why we help in every aspect of funding requirements, preliminary engineering, proposals, and applications.

While terms of inclusion for grants vary by program, user group, and identified need, we can guide you through the qualification process and provide more information on eligibility as together we begin the process of pursuing funding.

To better help you understand the grant application process, navigate complex programs and secure funding, we provide consulting assistance and experienced one-on-one advice. We’ll work with you throughout the application process to help ensure a successful outcome using a team approach. Together, we work to assemble the resources, providing continued consultation whenever necessary.

We understand how important grants can be, how they can often make or break a project, and we’re here to help you navigate the qualifications and requirements of grants that may suit your project’s needs.

Contact us today to learn more.