AME Consulting

AME Consulting understands the unique challenges of infrastructure, and we bring our expertise to civil engineering projects across the area.

Creative and Innovative Solutions

We’re a civil engineering firm that’s focused on quality, service, and innovative infrastructure solutions. Above all, we believe in our reputation for providing exceptional service and expertise to our clients. We use our talent, knowledge, and state-of-the-art technology to promote innovative solutions and outstanding customer service.

We have the experience and capacity to take on highly complex infrastructure projects, while remaining efficient and cost-effective. We understand the need to meet a deadline and pride ourselves on maintaining project deadlines.


Transportation Engineering

We can provide a full range of planning and engineering services for all modes of transportation.

Water Resource Engineering

We apply a multidisciplinary approach to watershed assessments, water quantity/quality management, and stormwater, drinking water and wastewater facilities design.

Construction Engineering

During construction, we provide program management, design during construction, construction oversight, and commissioning.

Grant Funding Assistance

We provide assistance in every aspect of proposal preparation, funding selection, and submission of grant applications.

Land Development Services

We’ll work as fast, as smart, and as hard as you do to fulfill the goals you have for your property.

More Project for Your Money

At AME Consulting, we combine funding sources with innovative solutions to bring the greatest value to our clients. We’re able to find ways to leverage dollars, maximize grant funds, and give clients more project for their money.

For more than 23 years, Paul Vincent, our Director of Engineering at AME Consulting, has navigated the sometimes maze-like practice of managing expectations, deadlines, and particular requirements to bring his clients superior results. He specializes in maximizing grant funds, even managing multiple grants for a single project. With the low interest rate he’s able to acquire for clients (as low as 2%), this translates into maximizing budgets to exceed client expectations, by bringing more work for the money and completing the job on time.

Proudly Serving Indiana

Our innovation sets us apart from other firms, and we’re proud to serve the people of Indiana with the highest professional standards. We represent our community and industry with exemplary service, and whether you need to address aging infrastructure or are looking for guidance finding eligible grant dollars and funding, we are the firm that can help.

We have a proven history of managing, completing, and delivering projects within budget and on time, and we’re equipped to consult and lead projects with experience and knowledge. Our clients know they can count on us, and we’re ready to take on any challenge a new project may bring. Contact us today to begin your first step toward completing your project.